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  • Nuthing much to say about myself. I'm a freelance writer so I've got alot of free time. Other then that I dont feal like putting anything elce out there.
  • Nuthing much to say about myself. I'm a freelance writer so I've got alot of free time. Other then that I dont feal like putting anything elce out there.



December 30 2018 1 30 /12 /December /2018 07:47

So in a little over an hour it'll be my birthday. Woohoo, I lived another year... At least that's what it's come to mean because low and behold I'm goofing off on Google the other day and come to find out that a bunch of websites out there have me listed as being 20 years older than I actually am. Now, normally no big deal right? Wrong because literally everything is done online these days. Employers are using sites like the ones I found to do research on employees and having it tell them I'm in my 70s is a bad thing. At this point tho there isn't anything I can do but opt out of the ones I do find. Supposedly it's all public records but if that were true how the hell is my public record that messed up. Well Happy Birthday to me I guess. Fml.

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January 6 2015 3 06 /01 /January /2015 09:06

The Rocket Café in Nescel WA is a slice of old American history. From the artwork on the walls to the old children’s toys on display. It feels homey and the conversation is warm, and friendly small town gossip. While its cash only but well worth it. I had a chance to stop in for coffee in early December and the added touch of a Christmas tree brought the feeling of welcome home. All in all the Rocket diner is a part of our history that has been held onto well and is hard to find in this day an’ age. Everyone who stops to enjoy The Rocket has a chance to catch a glimpse of a more simple time and eat real home cooked food. Fair prices garentee return customers, and friendly service makes one feel at home even when on the road. And I personally look forward to the next time I can stop in at The Rocket.

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November 26 2014 4 26 /11 /November /2014 11:46

Once upon a starry night

Watching the campfire glow

A beautiful being came to life

Ever so graceful, ever so slow

A rageing inferno of love and desire

Ever in the depths of the heart.

Him in my arms I wished to retyer

Knowing I held a work of art.

A love so warm, so refined

My heart now sworn and love devine.

Care I not to see the end

Nor do I fear the next river bend.

For upon me has fallen

From high above the trees

A gift from the heavens as I knelt on my knees.

You are this Angel

Held always in my heart.

Look at it from any angle,

You are a work of art.

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October 13 2011 5 13 /10 /October /2011 00:59

I recently posted a blog called "Life...Get one." and have since received comments on how it was a waste of time. The fact is i wrote that a few years ago and just in the last year got around to putting it on here (although it has been posted on other sites I used to blog on before creating this one). and I only did that 'cuse one of my friends saw it when they were helping me clean my computer files and thought it was funny so i posted it here to see what others thought. but I see now that no one took it as the joke it was meant to be. Poor sad souls that you are (and you know who you are) probably wouldn't know a joke if it came up and bit ya in the arse.


Simply put NO ONE FORCED ANY OF YOU TO READ IT. so the fact that it was as some of you put it a waste of time is besides the point. How is it my fault that you wasted your own time reading it when you could have easily not read it? Personally I find the whole thing tremendously laughable.


People  write blogs everyday to see if anyone out there is listening ya know what I've found out? That some of you are listening but if the comments you read aren't tailor made for you. You find them a waste of time and criticize the one who wrote them in essence wasting more of your own time along with other people’s. So you see who really wasted your time....YOU by reading something you had no interest in, in the first place.


To those of you who saw my blog for what it really was "a joke" I am glad to know that some where out there is someone who knows how to laugh.

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July 28 2011 5 28 /07 /July /2011 06:40

This book gives the reader a new out-look on Vampires in general. Even those of us that read vampire novels on a regular basis will find that their look on vampires transformed. Some might find it a more difficult idea of the vampire but others see it as just something more to add to our existing knowledge. The characters are some of the most interesting that I have come across so far but at the same time they are also some of the most “normal” that I’ve found in what is supposed to be a fiction/ sci-fi  book. Kudos to the author for brining us this work.

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July 15 2011 6 15 /07 /July /2011 06:19

One of the best classics of all time, and a tradition for everyone (even those who don’t celebrate Christmas).  This movie brings together the best cast and crew of the time. The dancers are still the best even after all this time. The singers are even better then most any you can find today. And when you combine those 2 elements and a dash of humor you get one of the best movies of all time. Added on to that you have some of the most touching scenes that has ever come out of Hollywood. But lets not forget the music… OMG no one can ever hope to top it. The composer deserves a place in the history books as one of the most intelligent and talented musicians of all time. There will never be a good remake of this movie and anyone who try's is an idiot of the highest degree.

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June 6 2011 2 06 /06 /June /2011 02:39

First in the series by Kathy Love this book brings a new view on vampire books that I personally believe is worthy of an award. The love that is described between the main characters is one that I think everyone yearns for but few ever find (at least out side of romance novels). The feelings and emotions that it makes the reader feels are some of the most purest and exciting that this reader has ever been given by words alone. I sincerely hope that everyone will enjoy this book as much as I have. I look forward to reading the 2nd and 3rd books. The book within this one (that describes vampires and werewolves) only having a few of the paragraphs from it seems to hold a more modern variation and a more true take on the reality of vampires then has previously seen in the real world. I would love to see it published but will probably never get that chance as it is in an of itself a work of Kathy Love’s own mind. Either way if you read these books and a few choice others and combine them as I have (or near so) you will get a whole new out-look on vampirism then you would from just watching movies or reading horror stories. I give this book and all that it entails a 10. Also the author deserves a 10 for her work of true art in the making of this book.

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May 20 2011 6 20 /05 /May /2011 05:28

Well. It’s been awhile sense I posted anything. Big sorry.

As promised here are my accounts for the 2nd and 3rd interventions…

2nd Kent, went pretty good. Caught him as he was about to log into his game of the month. Even had Jon (my friend from the 1st one) in on it. Personally I think he wanted some payback for his own intervention, but that's just my personal opinion. Kent caught on way quicker then Jon did and had a more neutral reaction. Where Jon got mad, Kent just got really quiet. Then he admitted that one of the reasons his last girlfriend gave him when she left him concerned his gamming “habits”. None of us knew about the brake up and had been wondering where Claudia had disappeared to. He agreed to let off the gamming for more then 3hrs. a day (at least for a few months, besides with the rest of us not gamming he has no one to quest with).

3rd Tina, boy can that girl scream. In hind sight we probably shouldn’t of unplugged her Xbox 360 while she was playing it. But when even her mother cant get a response from her other then “DIE!!!NO!%$^&* @$#!% zombies die” we had to take extreme measures. At least she only threatened to gut Tim, after he started talking about how he can’t even take her to the movies because she’s always on her game. I didn’t stay to hear anymore then that as she started screaming at everyone to get out. Left her in the care of Tim and her mom.


More later got plans for the last 2 in a week.

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April 15 2011 6 15 /04 /April /2011 02:14

Well I promised to keep ya’ll updated on how the interventions for my so called friends went and here is the first installment. (names have been changed for safety reasons)


Jon’s intervention went off with-out a hitch. We got him right after he got off work and was about to get on his computer for what he calls his wined down time. Boy was he pissed off. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look at his wife with such contempt before. At first he thought we were joking around and had come over to play D’n’D but after each of us started in on him about his addiction to gamming he just got madder and madder. By the end of it I was soo close to laughing that I ended up shooting beer out my nose to keep from laughing which hurts like hell let me tell you. And of course everyone looked at me and knew I was laughing ‘cuse everyone that was there knew about my intervention. In the end Jon had to agree not to play games for more then 3 hrs a week for the next 2 months. Ha take that you back stabbing bustard is all I have to say.


So anyway that’s one down 5 to go with no one the wiser.

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April 1 2011 6 01 /04 /April /2011 04:23

Greetings to one and all.
It has occurred to me that some people might be offended by what i am about to say. But do I care??? those that know me can answer this in the nugatory.

I was talking to this guy the other day. when suddenly I realized that tho he was breathing and living he had no life. So to all you out there that are taking up space, breathing air that could be put to better use, and basically wasting everyone's time I have a message for you... IT'S CALLED A LIFE...GET ONE.

Thank you that is all.

Oh and to all of you who this offends... It's called freedom of speech... So get a life.

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